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Stephen Dowe Named One of America's Top Chefs Featured

Thursday, 15 August 2013 00:00

Best Chefs AmericaCongratulations to Chef Stephen Dowe of AcroAma Blends for being named one of America's top chefs by Best Chefs America. This is Stephen's second recent accolade, having been named to OpenTable.com's list of Top 100 US Restaurants earlier this year.

"It is the first exhaustively researched, anonymously attributed list of nearly 4,700 chefs throughout America considered by their peers to be among the best."

To find an award winning chef in your area, visit www.bestchefsamerica.com

tips for your summertime grillingBy Chef Stephen Dowe

Selecting the Meat for Grilling

There are a lot of web pages devoted to this if you do a little searching. If you have a real butcher shop available and can get advice it makes things easy, but most of us today can only buy our meats at our local supermarkets.

The most tender and best tasting steaks and chops come from the Rump, Rib or Loin area of the animal, although other cuts, if handled correctly can get good results. An example of this is Skirt Steak or London Broil—if marinated over night with some AcroAma Blends Northern European seasoning and some red wine and olive oil, then grilled quite rare and sliced against the grain, it can be tender and delicious.

Look for red meat with creamy white fat, trimmed well. Look for fat marbling through the meat.

Less than 2% of cattle is graded USDA Prime, making it hard to find. If you buy USDA Choice you know it has been inspected and is of high quality, USDA Select is of a lower grade with less marbling.

The next time you buy a chicken, seek out a free range bird and season it with AcroAma Blends Mediterranean and olive oil, inside and out. Spit roast it if you can or cut it in half and grill it. It will bring back memories and flavors long forgotten.


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