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Northern European Blend - Enhance Your Grill


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By Chef Stephen Dowe

Directions :

  1. Put some olive oil on a plate and add some AcroAma Blends (I use the Northern European Blend, but often enjoy the spicier blends, on seafood especially)
  2. Then entirely coat whatever it is that you intend to grill, whether steaks or chops,
  3. fish or shellfish, vegetables, harder fresh fruit slices.
  4. Remove excess oil to prevent too much flare up.
  5. Start HOT and seal in the juices, then finish to your required doneness on a cooler part of your grill.

* Fresh vegetables can also be grilled, when they have some grill marks and a little color, remove to a serving dish that’s only just large enough, then cover with a plate or food wrap and allow them to steam cook for a short time.

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